Paskaitos su Triesto universiteto (Italija) profesore Lisa Di Blas

LISA DI BLAS is an associate professor in the Department of Life Sciences at the University of Trieste (Italy). She has authored and co-authored textbooks, book chapters, and peer-reviewed articles also appeared in top ranked journals. She has chaired the 16th European Conference on Personality in 2012, and currently is associate editor of Current Research in Behavioural Sciences. Her main interests include personality assessment from different methodological and analytical approaches.

We invite you to two lectures with the assoc. prof. Lisa Di Blas:

Multilevel modelling in organizational and work psychology, assoc. prof. Lisa Di Blas
19-03-2024; 13.30-16.00 Jonavos g. 66 – 209-210 aud.

Individuals mostly live in organized social settings, which may exert an influence on individuals who experience them. In organizational psychology, workers are part of multilevel and hierarchical systems. Multilevel modelling techniques allow to examine hierarchical data structures where individuals are nested in teams, teams in  departments, and so forth, with each position in these systems denoting a specific level to be taken into account. My aim is introducing this analytical approach and discuss how organizational and work psychology research may take advantages from adopting it.

The study of personality dynamics, assoc. prof. Lisa Di Blas
21-03-2024; 11.15-13.45 V. Putvinskio g. 23 – 103 aud. 

In these last decades, research has more and more focused on personality dynamics and better distinguished between relatively stable personality structures and more temporary appraisals of person-in-the-context. Accordingly, I present two main theoretical and methodological frameworks, the state-trait theory, and the Knowledge-and-Appraisal-Personality-Architecture model. They help consider personality dynamics from the perspective of dispositional and social-cognitive theories of personality. Results and potentials from these two approaches are discussed.