VMU to Host Conference of Young Sociologists and Anthropologists


The Department of Sociology at Vytautas Magnus University and the Lithuanian Sociological Association would like to invite you to participate in the 9th annual National conference of young sociologists and anthropologists “Actual Research in Sociology and Anthropology: Problems and Contexts”. The conference will be held on April 21st, 2023, in the Faculty of Social Sciences at Vytautas Magnus University, Jonavos St. 66, Kaunas.

National conference of young sociologists and anthropologists is a traditional annual event that provides a platform for beginning researchers to present their bachelor, master, and doctoral research, share their discoveries, discuss future research and meet like-minded people.

This year’s conference theme is “Own-Alien-Other: building borders and crossing borders in the context of the current geopolitical situation”.

Our social life consists of constantly building borders and boundaries, and constantly crossing them. In the literal sense – as building walls and urgently guarding state borders against “illegal” migrants and in fear of war, but also as free crossing of these borders by us – as emigrants. Borders and boundaries also have a more metaphorical sense, meaning the constant determination and negotiation of where are the boundaries of our social, religious, ethnic group, and where the “stranger” or the “other” begins. But we must remember that borders are not just something negative – without borders, without the “stranger”, we would not be able to define ourselves – without defining these “others”, “we” would not exist.

The organizers of conference welcome all students and young researchers from a wide range of study disciplines – sociology, anthropology, and related disciplines such as political science, economy, communication, creative industries, psychology, social work, history, ethnography, and many others which use social research methods.

Submissions can propose theoretical and empirical presentations. Conference languages ​​– Lithuanian and English. The participation in the conference is free of charge.

You are welcome to submit an abstract for the conference by email sk@vdu.lt until 3 April 2023.

Requirements for the abstract:

  • Maximum 250 words, including the title, major idea and arguments of the presentation;
  • Please, indicate the name and surname of the presenter, institution, position, and the stage of studies (if you are a student), contact information (email address).

There will be an opportunity to publish the scientific articles, based on the presentations, in the peer-review scientific journal “Culture and Society: Journal of Social Research”, published by the VMU Department of Sociology. If you plan to prepare such an article, please, indicate this in your abstract.

The conference email: sk@vdu.lt