For outgoing students

Students at the Faculty of Social Sciences have various opportunities to gain international experience through study exchange or international traineeships programs. This is a great chance for students to strengthen foreign language skills, deepen study field knowledge, gain practical experience and insights about professional field in other counties and get closer acquainted with other cultures.

The large number of Erasmus+ inter-institutional agreements (in and outside the EU/EEA countries) and bilateral collaboration agreements provides students with the possibility to choose the best destination country according to their requirements.

VMU students can choose between:

• Erasmus+ studies in EU/EEA counties.

Students can go to study at a foreign university with which the Faculty of Social Sciences has signed an inter-institutional agreement. Faculty has more than 70 agreements for students to go on Erasmus+ in EU/EEA counties for exchange. The host institution exempts incoming students from the tuition fee. Upon returning after a study abroad, Erasmus + study period is recognized in accordance with the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS). For more information about the program, partners and competition please click here.

• Erasmus+ non EU/EEA countries.

In 2014, the Erasmus+ program was expanded which opened up the possibility for students to study for one semester in non-EU/EEA countries: Western Balkans,  Eastern Partnership counties, Southern Mediterranean,  Asian,  Central Asian, Latin American, African, Caribbean, Pacific and other countries. More information can be found here.

• VMU Bilateral Exchange Studies.

Bilateral exchange studies are a unique opportunity to strengthen personal qualities, deepen knowledge of study field and foreign languages, learn about the uniqueness of foreign studies, see other cultures more closely, discover new interests, make new acquaintances, and bring back unforgettable experiences. Vytautas Magnus University has signed more than 200 bilateral cooperation agreements with universities from 42 countries. The list of countries and universities available for study exchange is published at the time of each VMU bilateral study exchange selection. For more information please follow the link.

• Erasmus+ Traineeships.

Erasmus+ student (and recent graduate) traineeship is a period of time spent working in a company or organization in one of EU countries or Macedonia (former Yugoslav Republic), Lichtenstein, Turkey, Norway and Iceland. Erasmus traineeship provides the student with possibilities to adapt to the labor market demands of the entire EU, improve professional skills, familiarize with and deepen understanding of a specific country’s economy, social system and culture. Students and recent graduates can carry out a 2 – 6 months traineeship in any of the EU countries and in Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Turkey, Serbia, Switzerland or North Macedonia. All VMU fulltime degree students who have not used more than 10 months of their Erasmus mobility (study / traineeship) period are eligible for the Erasmus grant (including zero-grant). Non-EU citizens must acquire temporary / permanent residence permit in Lithuania before their Erasmus mobility (traineeship / study). For more information see here.

• VMU International Traineeship.

Since 2016 VMU provides students with the opportunity to do a traineeship with a VMU mobility scholarship in any country across the globe (except for the EU and European Economic Area countries). Students can go for a 1 – 3 months traineeship at an organization of their choice. Click here for more information.

If you have any questions, please contact international relations coordinator at Faculty of Social Sciences Dovilė Daugėlienė