Two stories about good experience studying psychology and social antropology in the faculty

VDU pictureIt was 24 of January when I was leaving my home, to begin my Erasmus in Lithuania. I felt scared and lonely. Now it is 17 of June and I am leaving my home again. My Lithuanian home. And I feel scared and lonely. It may seemed that nothing has changed. But actually Erasmus at VMU changed me in 5 months more, than I changed in past 5 years. I came to Erasmus with slightly different goal in my head. I wanted to grow as a person. Mission completed. I grew through every single assigment, project, presentation and essey I had to do in english (and it was lots of them J), throught all the support from teachers at my departement of psycholgy (special thanks to teachers Viktorija Čepukienė and Gabija Jarašiūnaitė), and throught all people I have met here who gave me space to be myself. At the VMU I also find what I want to do in the future, what kind of psychological approach I want to pursuit and I found inspiration in many teachers, students and friends.

For this and much more I would be thankful to the beautiful Lithuania forever!

Lenka Abrinková from Košice, Slovakia

My Erasmus semester at VMU offered me opportunities in many ways: I met people from all over the world who came to Kaunas for their studies, learnt about Lithuania (a country to which I have never been before) and its language and culture and attended lectures in English for the first time in my life. Looking back, l can only be grateful for the semester I spent in Kaunas and for everyone who helped to make it such an outstanding experience – friends, classmates and teachers. I experienced the Faculty of Social Sciences as a very welcoming place with a truly international flair and was happy about the variety of classes offered in English, especially in my major Social Anthropology. Besides studying, I explored Lithuania and its neighboring countries and saw many beautiful places in the Baltics.

A truly great time came to an end and all that is left to say is “Ačiū labai!”

Marie Rickert from Bremen, Germany