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About the center The Center for Education Studies (VMU CES, ŠSC) is a lifelong learning institute, devoted to adult education as well as the continuous training of education specialists, which is open to advanced educational experiences, the opinions of Lithuanian and foreign scientists, and to the usage of modern technologies. CES implements the national politics for education by developing the idea of lifelong learning and by creating presumptions for the preparation of professionals of andragogy who work in the field of adult education. CES gains practical experience in adult education by organizing both formal and non-formal education. Theoretical studies are executed by cooperating with the Department of Educology. Projects are implemented by professionals who work in various units of Vytautas Magnus University. The Center for Educational Studies at Vytautas Magnus University, accredited by ŠMM, is an institution for the development of skills of educators
Operational activities of the center

·         The preparation and implementation of non-formal education programmes for adults.

·         The preparation and implementation of continuous training and re-training modules and programmes.

·         The preparation of learning tools and e-analysis instruments which are designed to monitor various teaching and learning processes and projects.

·         Applied research which is oriented towards the improvement of teaching and learning processes as well as creation and experimental research of the application of e-teaching and e-learning tools.

·         Cooperation with centers for teacher education by carrying out evaluation studies of innovative activities.



Services offered by the Center for Education Studies:


·         the administration of the non-tertiary study program “Pedagogy” which is adapted to specific groups of learners, e.g. teachers of music, acting, arts, participators of projects and the like. The studies are executed by applying methods of teaching and learning which are active and practice oriented;

·         the provision of a knowledge module in the spheres of pedagogy and psychology for non-formal education specialists;

·         the preparation and rendition of seminars, modules and skill development courses for adult teachers, teachers, school directors, and learning support teachers;

  • the planning and execution of studies designed for the professional development of teachers;

·         the consultation of school teams in the preparation and execution of studies designed for the professional development of teachers;

·         the support of practitioners in preparing and accrediting non-formal education programs for teachers, school directors and learning support teachers.


Scholar Dr. Asta Lapėnienė

lecturer Dr. Lineta Žilinskaitė

lecturer PhD Algė Šuliakaitė

assistant Virginijus Raščius

administrator Vaida Lukšienė